Divers see Lion Air jet fuselage, new 'ping' heard

Divers see crashed Lion Air jet fuselage as 'ping' heard in search for black box

Senior Indonesian rescue diver dies in jet crash search

Anto, who joined the team of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) voluntarily, also worked for search and rescue operations in September's quake and tsunami in Indonesia's Palu region.

Speaking with media the head of Indonesia's Search and Rescue Agency Muhammad Syaugi said that the "ping" [from the CVR] is quite weak, but it is close to one of the search vessels.

"He was found by the SAR team, fainted. He was treated by our doctors, after he regained consciousness, we sent him to the chamber for decompression", Mr Syaugi said at a press conference.

"After evaluation and getting input from the field, we have chose to extend the rescue for another three days", Lt. Gen. Muhammad Syaugi, head of the National Search and Rescue Agency, said at a news conference in the capital Jakarta.

Investigators lauded "major breakthroughs" in its search for the missing Lion Air plane that crashed into the Java Sea this week as divers say they found the main wreckage of the jet.

The fatality came as the operation continued to recover human remains and pieces of the brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Lion Air flight JT 610, with 188 people aboard, was traveling from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang when it crashed into the Java Sea on Monday.

Herson, head of the Bali-Nusa Tenggara Airport Authority, said the pilot on the plane's previous flight on Sunday from Bali requested to return to the airport not long after takeoff but then reported the problem had been resolved. It immediately commenced its flight service for the Lion Air on domestic routes.

The Lion Air crash is the worst airline disaster in Indonesia since 1997, when 234 people died on a Garuda flight near Medan.

Syaugi also said on Saturday that a sonar locator had detected "low ping signal", which could be from the cockpit's voice recorder, also known as a black box. "For the transport safety committee I ask for working quickly to investigate the cause of the incident", said Widodo.

Satimiko told Reuters investigators were awaiting advice from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board or Boeing.

While Lion Air said the condition of the aircraft before take-off had nothing to do with the fatal crash, airline safety analysts told AirlineRatings.com the two are "definitely linked".

A team of engineers from Boeing was scheduled to arrive in Jakarta on Wednesday for meetings with Lion Air, according to Indonesia's transportation safety committee. The ban was completely lifted in June.

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