Big brands vow action on plastic waste

Bangor University signs global commitment to end plastic pollution

Major companies responsible for a FIFTH of the world's plastic packaging pledge to end waste

The Commitment aims to create a "new normal" for plastic packaging by eliminating single-use packaging materials, increasing the amount of reused or recycled plastics in new products and innovate to ensure 100% of plastic packaging can be reused, recycled, or composted by 2025. The company will continue to expand its variety of concentrated refill options, enabling consumers to reuse packaging and reduce waste.SC Johnson has been relentlessly focused on designing unnecessary packaging out of its products.

A global commitment to eradicate plastic waste and pollution at the source has been signed by over 290 organisations. "This commitment is about eliminating pollution at its source", Rob Opsomer, the lead of the New Plastics Economy initiative, told Reuters.

EMF said signatories include Coca Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc., Group Danone SA, Unilever NV, and 15 financial institutions with $2.5 trillion in assets under management. More than $200m has been pledged by five venture capital funds to create a circular economy for plastic.

The effort drew a mix of praise and skepticism from some involved in plastic waste issues.

Pavan Sukhdev, President of WWF International, said, "The plastics crisis can only be solved with the combined efforts of all key players in the system".

"The recent consultation on single-use plastic bags was a significant step forward".

Plastic Bank, which now has a successful proof-of-concept program running in Haiti uses a custom cryptocurrency solution running on IBM's Hyperledger Fabric protocol to interface between plastics buyers and individual plastic waste collectors, providing a reliable way to reward individual recyclers for collecting ocean-bound waste plastic.

Greenpeace wants a stronger emphasis in reducing the amount of plastic put in circulation. National governments are also invited to support the Commitment, and the United Kingdom and Scottish Governments are among the five governments and cities to sign up. "It is inspiring to be part of this transition to a circular plastic economy".

World's leading companies aim to end plastic waste by 2025.

Ian Cook, Chairman and CEO of Colgate-Palmolive, and Co-Chair of the CGF Board, said, "The challenge of plastic waste is real and urgent, and best addressed through specific actions that CGF companies can take individually and collectively in partnership with governments, NGOs and the recycling industry".

100% of plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2023.

Greenpeace, a member of the Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) movement, has urged these corporations to commit to concrete actions to reduce their plastic footprint.

Ocean plastic is a global crisis, with the equivalent of one dump truck load every minute entering the world's oceans, mainly from Asian countries.[i] At the same time, many communities affected by plastic pollution face high levels of poverty.

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