Harry Redknapp launches furious tirade at Gary Neville over Tottenham Hotspur criticism

Absolute disgrace’ – Redknapp lays into Neville over Tottenham comments

Harry Redknapp Launches Astonishing Radio Rant At Gary Neville, After The Former Manchester United Man Called Spurs 'Spineless'

While complimenting the current Spurs side, Neville explained how the North London club was perceived by players for the past three decades.

Former Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp brands Gary Neville's recent comments on Spurs "an absolute disgrace".

Neville, speaking on Sky Sports earlier this week, branded Tottenham's team from the last 30 years "flaky" and "rubbish" when describing the impressive job that Mauricio Pochettino has done since arriving as head coach.

Neville's words have prompted a furious response from Redknapp, who managed Spurs between 2008 and 2012.

"You could be 2-0 down against them and think you'd win 5-2, that's just the way they were".

"Basically now we've got the toughest, most resilient robust Tottenham team we've ever seen, we shouldn't get exhausted of them".

"Gary Neville's comments are an absolute disgrace", said Redknapp.

"I can only comment about the time I was there you've got players in that time that's a disgrace to label players like Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, Ledley King, Van der Vaart, it's a disgrace to talk about them saying they're spineless and gutless. He was totally out of order".

"I think he needs to do his homework before he comes out with comments like that".

"I managed a team there who had to go to the Etihad and beat Man City to get into the Champions League".

Redknapp then decided to make things a little more personal, saying: "He managed Valencia and when he did they were the worst Valencia team in not just the last 30 years but in their history".

Ouch, but Redknapp wasn't done.

"I heard him about two years ago have a pop about a couple of players, saying Tottenham had got rid of some bad apples and mentioned Michael Dawson - he was one of the best pros I've come across in my life".

"He wants to do his homework before coming on and talking in that tone. His comments were an absolute disgrace".

Spurs manager for over three-and-a-half of those 30 years, Harry Redknapp, has taken exception and admitted he was angry after listening to Neville's comments. He tweeted out a laughing emoji - it seems safe to say that he isn't taking the rebuttal too seriously.

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