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Taiwan CDC urges the public to get a flu shot...

The good news, at the moment, is that flu activity remains low throughout the country-with local activity reported in North Dakota and MA, and only sporadic activity elsewhere.

Given that 900,000 people were hospitalized in the United States over the course of the last flu season, getting vaccinated is crucial, said pediatrician Dr. James Cherry.

Getting the flu jab could be a matter of life and death. We see evidence every year of the benefits of the flu vaccine, and we also see the risks of skipping it.

"We don't recommend any vaccines with a live virus for pregnant women", she says. The peak months are December through February.

· We offer an extensive free vaccination programme which gives a vaccine to those most at risk - nearly 890,000 people are eligible.

Most nurses who don't intend to get vaccinated this flu season either aren't convinced this vaccine works, or don't believe that they personally require vaccination.

"As doctors and healthcare professionals, we have a duty of care to protect our patients and in order to do that, we must protect ourselves", said Prof Horgan.

The reason is that there are countless, ever-changing strains of the flu.

Deem and Bonomo's peer-reviewed prediction of 19 percent efficacy for this year's vaccine is based on a fast, low-cost test that compares the genetic code of the vaccine with the codes of recently circulating strains of flu that have been uploaded to global flu databases.

"You want it to be much higher for a vaccine". This number is almost double the cases of the 2016-2017 season and are the highest since the 2009 flu pandemic. The body produces the specific antibodies needed to fight off the specific viruses that are in the vaccine - making the immune defense stronger. As always, he said that you should consult your physician if you have questions about what dosage is appropriate for you. There are rumors that if you get it now it won't be effective in March or April.

The Department of Health and Wellness says it can take up to two weeks for the vaccination to provide full protection.

"It results in deaths in Arizona every single year", Christ said.

Other unpublished data suggest that flu viruses, in the presence of mucus, can persist on some surfaces for up to 16 hours with very little loss in infectivity.

It's that time of the year when you start hearing about the flu shot or seeing signs to "Get Your Flu Vaccine Here!" It is not a coincidence that so many people get sick right around midterms and finals.

"That doesn't mean you now have the flu". The flu shot can help protect you from this virus!

It's time to get a flu shot. The primary school vaccination programme will shortly begin and parents who have not yet returned their child's form are being reminded that it is not too late to do so.

So it may make the fact that you got the flu a milder case of the flu and you may not get the full blown case of the flu.

A common complication of Influenza that leads to hospitalization is pneumonia.

The elderly, young children and people with chronic illness are at greater risk of more severe complications. A person can get the flu during this period. Eighty percent of the children who died had not received the flu shot. It's really sobering to see that there were 80,000 deaths previous year.

For example, the CDC advises health care personnel to get one dose of influenza vaccine each year.

The classic advice of hand-washing can also help reduce transmission by direct and indirect contact.

Rumour has it, the area is facing a shortage in flu vaccines, but according to the health unit, that's just not true. There are many other non-flu illnesses that can be contracted.

People who are not eligible to have it done for free can pay. Despite common misperceptions, the flu shot can not give you the flu, you can not be too healthy that you don't need it and you need to get a new shot every year.

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