Video shows Texas woman abandoning boy on doorstep, deputies say

Courtesy Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Courtesy Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

She's holding a couple of bags in her other hand.

The woman let go of the boy and bags then rang the doorbell repeatedly before running off and getting into a vehicle. When the child did not turn up at the father's house he assumed the mother changed her mind.

While the boy looked around, the woman ran to a auto and drove away.

What happened instead was that the mother's friend brought the toddler to the doorstep of the wrong home, and left him there.

A woman left a toddler in front of a Spring home Wednesday night, and it was all captured on video. The boy was identified by KTRK-TV as Royal Prince Simmons. The puzzled homeowner opened the door to find the child by himself and called 911 just before 8:30 p.m. The father, whom authorities did not name, lives next door to the house where his son was dropped off.

Officials at CPS are working to reunite the child with his family. An investigation is ongoing.

The woman in the video has been identified and detectives plan to interview her.

In August, the same sheriff's department issued an appeal after another chilling video showed a semi-clothed woman wearing wrist-ties rushing up to a doorbell in the middle of the night. The suspect then runs toward the front door of the residence while lifting the child in the air by one arm. Once on the porch, she rings the doorbell, knocks on the door and then runs back to a waiting auto leaving child and two bags she was carrying behind. Spencer said the woman is facing a third-degree felony charge of child abandonment and has yet to be taken into custody.

The child is in good health, the sheriff's office said.

The video contained important clues, including the child's backpack in the shape of a monkey that the woman is seen carrying. Spring, Texas is about 20 miles from Houston.

But the 2-year-old wasn't dropped off in the afternoon, and the father eventually left his house. It's still unclear, however, why she left the boy alone on the porch.

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