Washington Post publishes final column by missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi

U.S. President Donald Trump talks to reporters about journalist Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance while departing for travel to Montana from Joint Base Andrews Maryland U.S

Donald Trump told reporters he fears Jamal Khashoggi is dead

And with that being said, Saudi Arabia has been a very important ally of ours in the Middle East.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he told President Donald Trump on Thursday that Saudi Arabia should be given a few more days to complete its investigation into the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi before the US decides "how, or if" to respond.

Trump continued to stand by Saudi Arabia but said he is "not giving cover at all" to Riyadh, whom he repeatedly called a close United States ally. Now I have to accept: "That is not going to happen", Karen Attiah wrote.

"The Post held off publishing it because we hoped Jamal would come back to us so that he and I could edit it together".

On Wednesday and into Thursday, investigators spent nearly nine hours searching the Saudi consul's residence, then moving on to the consulate itself about 200m (650ft) away, according to Reuters news agency.

Khashoggi, a US resident, was last seen going into that Saudi government building more than two weeks ago to get papers he needed to marry.

The decision marks a turnaround for Ms Lagarde, who had previously said she was "horrified" by reports coming out of Turkey but would still attend the Saudi conference. "Now we would wait and see", he told reporters.

Investigators believe that after the killing, Khashoggi's body was taken to the consul general's house, where it was disposed of.

Trump sent his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Riyadh this week for talks with the Saudi leadership marked by expressions of mutual goodwill.

Media sources contend any action against Khashoggi would have to be approved by Bin Salman, the crown prince who has enjoyed high-profile praise in recent months for reforms, such as allowing women to drive.

After Khashoggi was critical of President Donald Trump and the Saudi government's apparent trust in the USA leader, the royal family barred Khashoggi from writing.

One picture shows the colonel walking into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul at 9.55 a.m. on Oct 2.

Turkish police on Wednesday also carried out a search of the residence of the Saudi consul to Istanbul, Mohammed al-Otaibi, a day after he flew out of Istanbul for Riyadh.

Khashoggi spoke of the peril that journalists who dare to criticize their governments face under an autocratic system, a reality that Khashoggi said was not likely to change and one that ultimately appears to have cost him his life.

A joint-probe into the case by Saudi Arabia and Turkey is ongoing.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that a suspect identified by Turkey was a frequent companion of the prince's.

U.S. media and officials have called on Ankara to release the evidence, but the Turkish investigators have not done so yet.

Trump has vowed to "severely punish" Riyadh if it is found to have been involved in Khashoggi's apparent death, but says that Salman forcefully and persuasively denied any involvement or knowledge of the journalist's disappearance.

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