Apple sees role for Watch app in hip, knee replacement recovery

Your Apple Watch could monitor how you’re recovering after a hip op

Hip and knee surgeons to use Apple Watch to monitor patients

As per the CEO of Zimmer Biomet, the company is excited to team up with Apple in transforming the experience of patients and surgeons during, before and after knee and hip replacements.

More than a million knee and hip replacements happen every year in the U.S., according to Zimmer Biomet.

Apple and Zimmer Biomet are looking to enroll a substantial 10,000 people in the USA for the study.

More and more healthcare-related uses for the Apple Watch are emerging as Apple pushes further in the segment.

It is a multi-year study that aims to enable doctors and their team members to monitor better their patients.

Researchers will marry this data and patient-reported feedback with the activity and health data collected by the Apple Watch to determine the effect of the technology on improving patient outcomes and cutting down on costs.

Part of the rationale here is to help physicians keep tabs on patients who need two of the most common surgeries in America; on top of that, it gives patients a digitally-fueled avenue for connecting with their doctors.

To learn more about the mymobility Clinical Study, visit Zimmer Biomet is also one of the largest manufacturers of reconstructive products, according to the CNBC report.

"This solution will connect consumers with their doctors continuously, before and after surgery", said Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams in a statement. The app will only be available to them for now, for the duration of the study but the company is planning to release it to everyone in the near future.

"When you look at what patients have to do when they undergo hip and knee replacement, in some cases, they have very low support or guidance before and after surgery, which creates a lot of unnecessary fear and anxiety", Zimmer Biomet executive Dan Williamson said.

Last year, Apple also partnered with Stanford Medicine in another study to find out how Apple Watch could be utilized in detecting irregular heartbeats.

Apple is working hard to position the new Apple Watch Series 4 wearable as a state of the art health monitoring device. Apple also donated 1000 units of Apple Watch to the University of North Carolina to study eating disorder or binge eating.

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