Adobe bringing Photoshop to the iPad next year

Adobe finally has a full version of Photoshop for the iPad

Adobe confirms full version of Photoshop is coming to iPad

As the new app is part of Creative Cloud, users should be able to continue editing between devices seamlessly.

Unlike the main Premiere CC, Premiere Rush is not-only cloud-centric but also cross-platform.

The updates to Photoshop CC announced at Adobe's annual Adobe Max conference may be relatively modest, but the bigger news is the development of "REAL" Photoshop CC across a whole range of devices, not just high-powered desktop computers. Called Premiere Rush CC, the app is available now on iOS and desktop with an Android release in the cards for sometime in 2019. Features like auto-ducking for music over dialogue, motion graphics templates for professional-quality titles, and export presets for the most popular social media aspect ratios make Premiere Rush a one-stop shop for promotional video content.

Adobe Premiere Rush takes the integral elements of Premiere Pro and simplifies them for a cross-platform experience.

Adobe's plans for Rush were to create something that allows creators to do exactly that, create, no matter where they are and with an ease of use that the aforementioned iMovie apps have long afforded.

There's also a free Starter plan which gets you the Premiere Rush software along with three exports per month.

You can treat the mobile version of Photoshop CC as a standalone application, or as a companion app to the desktop version, as any projects you work on within the iPad app will automatically sync to the desktop. It combines raster graphics, vector drawing, and the Photoshop engine into a single application designed for artwork and illustration. So when a user opens the file later on desktop, changes made on the iPad will also appear.

The app, which syncs projects and edits between mobile and desktop, will be available on Android in 2019. Inspired by this, our design team also started to reimagine the Photoshop experience on a device. Scott Belsky, chief product officer of Adobe's Creative Cloud, told Bloomberg he was hoping to have the product out as soon as possible. Rather than focusing on an individual subset of desktop features, like Adobe's existing Photoshop Fix, Express, and Mix do, the aim with this forthcoming app is to provide the full desktop Photoshop experience on an iPad. You can capture videos and images right from within the app or import media from your device.

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