Trump Claims Climate Change Scientists Have A 'Political Agenda'

Fisherman Thet Naing Tun walks on the shore in Thingangyi village as gathering storm clouds roll across the horizon. ST

Fisherman Thet Naing Tun walks on the shore in Thingangyi village as gathering storm clouds roll across the horizon. ST

"You know, we're talkin' about over a millions of years".

"I think something's happening".

New Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh did not have a say in Tuesday's decision not to hear the case, but he wrote the majority opinion from the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia that annulled the Obama-era rule.

"What the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said is that we have 12 years - 12 years to substantially cut the amount of carbon in our atmosphere or this planet, our country, the rest of the world, is going to suffer irreversible damage", the Vermont senator continued.

Last week, the US Supreme Court chose to uphold a decision that scrapped federal limits on a risky greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

Trump claimed in 2012 that global warming was invented as an economic move by "the Chinese".

However, Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, later said Mr Trump "believes the climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of the equation".

Interviewer Leslie Stahl asked the president: "What about the scientists who say it's worse than ever?" "The report makes clear that even a half-degree increase in warming makes a huge difference - damaging our economy and our future", Keith Gaby, senior communications director at the Environmental Defense Fund, told IFLScience, adding: "We think it is possible to limit warming if we act boldly and quickly". "Man-made or not, I mean there's something there".

Kilmeade complained that Stahl injected her "point of view" when asking Trump whether he still believes climate change is "a hoax," and grilling him for dismissing the mountain of scientific evidence that proves otherwise.

"It was given to me and I want to look at who drew it", Trump told reporters. "So we're doing really well, and I want to keep it that way", Trump said. The agreement set voluntary greenhouse gas emission targets in an effort to lessen the impact of fossil fuels.

"So I always used to say the toughest people are Manhattan real estate guys and blah, blah", he said.

"You know, I- I was thinking what if he said, 'No, I've seen the hurricane situations, I've changed my mind. It is vicious, it's full of lies, deceit and deception", he said. "It doesn't matter. We won", he said.

Baldwin said on issue after issue that Republicans are destroyers, not builders. "This cadre has looted money from the federal treasury and deposited it directly into the bank accounts of their most ardent political supporters".

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