IOS 12 already running on 50 percent of Apple mobile devices

Apple TV

Apple is loading up with original content

Now, a report from CNBC has cast a spotlight on the rollout plan - which will apparently include HBO content and free original programming beamed directly to iOS devices.

Most notably, the report suggests that the Apple-produced and owned content would be free to owners of Apple devices, while only other subscription channels - like HBO or Starz - would cost money to access through the TV app.

The dip in the install base of iOS 11 was also pointed out in the Mixpanel data reported last week that showed iOS 12 being present on 47.56 percent of active Apple devices, while iOS 11 was available on 45.58 percent of active devices. One can only speculate if and how that will be adapted for the United Kingdom video service market. The company is reportedly reworking its TV app for its products that will introduce new content, as well as a new digital TV service.

According to CNBC's inside source, the service will launch in early 2019 to coincide with an update to the Apple TV app. If the report can be believed, Apple will be focusing on PG-rated series suitable for family viewing; a move straight out of the Disney playbook.

That's a similar strategy to Apple's original TV content now. Also, there are system-level optimisations and improvements that are persuading iOS users to switch to the latest update. Sure, the "TV" app has helped with that now, but it still need to be improved in order to be as helpful as users want it to be.

While many streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a back catalog of third-party content, it's the original content the streaming services produce that is seen as the reason a customer chooses one service over the other.

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