Indonesia’s Bali hit by 6.0 quake

The quake’s epicentre was in the Bali Sea around 40km off the eastern end of Java island

Indonesia earthquake: Huge 6.0 magnitude rocks volcanic Java island

Bali is now hosting the 2018 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group with over 19,000 delegates and guests in attendance.

The official death toll from the September 28 disaster has been rising steadily, with the number of victims now at 1,763, with 2,632 people seriously injured.

More than 2,000 bodies have been recovered since the twin disaster on Sulawesi island.

The indonesian authorities have ordered that Thursday, the end of the research after the quake and tsunami that left at least 2.073 dead, according to a new balance sheet, in the region of Palu on the island of Celebes, and even if 5,000 people are still missing.

A 6.0 magnitude natural disaster has struck off the coast of Bali sending residents fleeing their homes in terror.

The quakes and the tsunami have affected a total of 87,725 people, with 78,994 of them taking shelter in Central Sulawesi province, while the rest have engaged in an exodus to nearby provinces, he added.

He said the focus now shifts to the reconstruction phase, which could take years.

A photo released early Thursday by Indonesia's accident mitigation agency BNPB, shows damage in East Java's Sumenep district.

It struck the island of New Britain this morning, and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said there is now a threat of a tsunami.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre oceanographer David Walsh said any tsunami from the quake would only affect areas immediately around the epicentre.

Almost 90,000 people were displaced by the disaster, many sheltering in tents outside their destroyed homes.

Rescue teams scoured the wreckage for a fortnight before calling off the search for the dead, acknowledging as many as 5,000 missing people would never be found.

Those zones were all but destroyed by liquefaction, a phenomenon where the brute force of a quake turns soil to quicksand.

Stretches of the coastline were trashed by the tsunami that Nugroho said had waves up to 11 meters (36 feet) high.

So it took days for rescuers to reach the neighborhoods of Balaroa, Petobo, and Sigi, where traumatized survivors said the ground came alive when the quake hit, swallowing up people, vehicles and thousands of homes. "They asked to be relocated to another place and a house made for them". Tonny Akbar Mahendro said: "I felt it for about 10 seconds". The agency has issued guidelines that say foreign aid workers can be in the field only with Indonesian partners.

However, as the Canadian military arrives in the country, Indonesian officials are reportedly trying to limit foreign involvement in the disaster relief efforts.

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