Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to get married next year’

Priyanka Chopra for Cosmopolitan India

Priyanka Chopra for Cosmopolitan India

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who attended the launch of Tiffany's latest Tiffany Blue Book Collection in NY, not only rubbed shoulders with Kim Kardashian, singer Mary J Blige, Rachel Brosnahan and actress Zoe Kravitz, but also stole the limelight by flaunting her engagement ring from the same brand. Nick had proposed to Priyanka during her birthday in London.

The 36-year-old actress has been planning her wedding to the 26-year-old singer "for a couple of months" and the big day is suspected to be at some point next year. The couple has had an accelerated relationship, and are very comfortable with one another. Nick recently flew into Mumbai and then took for jodhpur with Priyanka to reportedly zero in their wedding venue. "Since I was a little girl, It was just something that was stuck in my head and I may have said that and I guess he remembered". It's a very different feeling. I never realised that having a boyfriend and having a fiance are completely different. There's gravitas. You feel like family, which is just so different'.

Though the couple had only been dating for a few months when they got engaged, they had known one another for some time and the star revealed they bonded over their shared love of "family and faith".

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