Police called on Atlanta man for 'babysitting while black'

Black man had police called on him for babysitting white children

A white woman “pulled up alongside us and asked ‘Are the kids OK?’” after Corey Lewis took the kids to a Subway

A black man in Georgia who was babysitting white children had the police called on him by a white woman outside a Walmart this weekend.

Lewis recorded parts of what happened in a series of Facebook Lives, which quickly went viral.

Lewis said the woman followed him all the way home.

"I said, 'Is it because there's an African American male driving my kids around?' and the officer, who was embarrassed and apologetic, said, 'It appears so, '" Mango said.

Their son attends his youth mentor program called "Inspired by Lewis". What was meant to be a kind gesture turned into what the parents believe is Lewis being stalked, harassed and questioned by police.

In the video, the two kids are seen smiling in the back seat as Lewis questions why the woman followed them.

When Lewis refused, the woman called the police and followed him home, Lewis said.

Cobb County Police said they were just responding to a call of a suspicious person.

His clientele is mainly white, he said, but up until Sunday, it had never occurred to him would give someone a reason to call the police on him.

In response, the officer asked to speak to the children, who were sitting in the back of Corey's vehicle.

The children were anxious for Lewis, their mother said.

Tagged with nicknames such as BBQ Becky and Permit Patty, white people who've reported black people for sitting in Starbucks, shopping at CVS, mowing lawns, playing golf, staying at an Airbnb or napping on a couch in a college dorm, are being publicly named, mocked and, in some cases, fired from their jobs. "Because I have two kids that don't look like me", Lewis says in the video.

Parker and his wife, Dana Mango, were at dinner when they received the call, and his wife had to be convinced that it was not a prank, he said.

"I noticed we were being watched", Lewis told Newsweek.

Mango told Yahoo her kids "were both fearful that Corey wouldn't be able to babysit them anymore". She then pulled up alongside them to ask if the siblings were OK.

"B-W-B which I guess is the new thing, babysitting while black", said the children's father, David Parker.

Mango said the experience frightened her children.

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