Couple divorce after Google Street View captures wife stroking another man's hair

Man using Google Street View to get direction catches his wife cheating lailasnews

Hushand divorces wife after seeing her with another man on Google Maps

The woman in the case was snapped in 2013, however, it was while she was still married to her former husband.

In addition to picturing people leaving strip clubs and consorting with prostitutes, it seems the system has now led to a divorce after it caught a woman being intimate with a man who wasn't her husband.

Could you imagine a more awkward situation?

Taken by a Google camera auto in the Peruvian capital city of Lima, the shocked husband said the photo caught his attention after the woman pictured appeared to be wearing the exact same clothes his wife owned.

He'll never be able to search for directions again.

According to MailOnline, the man had been researching the best way to get to a bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru.

When he zoomed in on a canoodling couple, he realized that the clothes were the same as his wife's.

The man had spotted his wife being all cosy with another man on a street bench while he was searching the Street View for directions.

The man was planning a route ahead of a drive when he spotted an image of his wife sat on a bench stroking the hair of another man with his head in her lap.

Upon his discovery, he then confronted his wife, who admitted to the affair.

The man recently shared the photographs on Facebook where they made a big impression on users.

It quickly dawned on him that the image would have been taken back in 2013 when Google first sent out cars fitted with special cameras created to digitally map out roadways.

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