Yankees Believe Luis Severino Was Tipping Pitches

HIGH STAKES GAME David Price’s struggles continued in the AL Division Series against the Yankees but Red Sox manager Alex Cora plans to start the left-hander in Sunday night’s Game 2 of the AL Championship Series against the Astros

Yankees Believe Luis Severino Was Tipping Pitches

Games 3 and 4 of the ALDS were particularly rough for Boone as he made the same costly mistake of leaving a starter in too long when better options existed in the bullpen twice.

And some in the Yankees organization believe, as the Red Sox broadcast hypothesized, that NY ace Luis Severino was tipping his pitches Monday in Game 4 of the AL Division Series, Fancred Sports reported Thursday.

In three innings, Severino allowed six runs on seven hits. The first time resulted in the worst postseason loss in Yankees history and the second resulted in New York's elimination from the postseason. In fact, after the second inning, he threw only one slider among 26 pitches to nine batters before exiting the Red Sox win that set up their clinching victory Tuesday.

Boston broadcaster Lou Merloni pointed out there was a tipping issue as the Red Sox were able to lay off Severino's slider. There have been concerns about the right-hander tipping his pitches in the past. A video showing a conversation between Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mookie Betts seems to back it up, as JBJ appeared to guess that Severino was electing to throw a fastball on one particular pitch to Brock Holt in the game.

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