Mom suffers horrific injuries while shielding her baby during freak hailstorm

Source Facebook

Source Facebook

A mother and her baby got caught in a brutal "supercell" hailstorm which ripped roofs from homes as it swept across northern Queensland in Australia on Thursday.

Fiona Simpson, 23, was driving to her home in Kingaroy, Australia, with her 78-year-old grandmother and four-month-old daughter in the vehicle when a heavy thunderstorm set in. "I couldn't see in front of me, I couldn't even see the line on the road", Simpson told the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC).

The mother made a decision to pull the vehicle over to the side of a road to wait out the storm. It just all happened so fast.

The rainstorm grew more and more severe, but Simpson told the outlet that the situation really got intense after one each of her car's front and back windows were smashed to pieces from the impacts of hailstones.

The homeowners called an ambulance, but once the paramedics arrived she said she felt "numb" and went into shock. Simpson tried to help her grandmother, but both women were pelted with the large hailstones, according to the report. "I covered my infant with my body to stop her from getting badly injured".

Simpson shared the dramatic story on Facebook with photographs of her body covered in pink and purple bruises.

Fiona Simpson, the mother, was beaten black and blue by hail stones while shielding her baby and she posted pictures on Facebook.

"I've learnt my lesson today, NEVER drive in a hail storm!" she captioned the photos. "I'm just a mum - you do anything you can to protect your child no matter what, even at your own expense and I would do it again".

Her 78-year-old grandmother was also in the vehicle.

A series of super-cell storms and tornadoes tore roofs from homes and destroyed crops across southern Queensland on Thursday, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

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