Cute flaccid myelitis: Three new cases of rare polio-like illness emerge

6 Minnesota kids diagnosed with rare, polio-like disease

cute flaccid myelitis: Three new cases of rare polio-like illness emerge

She was later diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis and has been undergoing treatment for the last month at Lurie Children's Hospital.

The rare condition can be caused by a virus, a genetic disorder and environmental toxins.

- U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is calling on the federal government to look into recent cases of a rare illness after six cases were reported in Minnesota.

The children, who are all under the age of 6, all reportedly had symptoms of a respiratory illness in the week prior to developing symptoms of AFM. "Now you're finding cases in Canada, you're finding cases where people are looking hard for children with this basically, paralysis-like illness".

In the past, Minnesota may only see one case in a year.

Shannon Barbare, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, told Fox News Tuesday there have been 14 confirmed cases of AFM in the state so far this year - though it's unclear if all of those cases were included in the CDC's latest report.

With cases on the rise, parents like Wells say she'll keep those symptoms in mind.

Enterovirus outbreaks typically happen in the summer and early fall - so "this is the time of year that we expect to be seeing" enterovirus cases, she said.

Other states have also reported cases.

Separate from these five cases of illness, there has been one other case of AFM in Washington this year and there were three cases identified in 2017, according to the health department.

"There's a sudden onset of weakness in the arm, leg, face, or the muscles that help us swallow and that we use to speak", says Dr. Amaran Moodley from the Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa.

Outside of IL, there are now a few dozen cases of AFM in the United States.

Doctors are encouraging people to practice what are called "general prevention strategies" - including washing your hands with soap and water, getting vaccinated and preventing mosquito bites. This does not include all of the 14 cases announced by Colorado, as some of those cases were confirmed after September 30.

Minnesota has noticed a spike in suspected AFM cases in recent weeks.

Nine cases of AFM were reported in Washington state in 2016.

Two cases were reported in King County.

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