Google Home Hub's best feature is not having a camera

New Google Home App

What is Google Home Hub and how does it work?

Now, this device is unique compared to other displays, because it doesn't come with any cameras. For voice commands the device has a 2 mic array.

At the Google hardware event yesterday, the company officially launched the Google Home Hub. All they need is to have the new Google Home app installed and you can all live the convenient, smart home lifestyle.

Bottom line: Pre-ordering a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL from Google will no longer get it to you on day one. As more pictures of those people are added, Google will dynamically update the album on the Home Hub. Like everything else on offer by Google lately, this piece of hardware is different not only because of how it is built, but also because of the software experience within.

Google Home Hub doubles as a photo frame. However, it did include Ambient EQ light sensor, which allows the screen to automatically adjust to match the lighting in the room. Instead of handing over the firmware to Lenovo, JBL, and LG and letting them modify the operating system, Google handles all firmware and feature updates, that way every Smart Display's user experience is identical. And, when it's time for bed, it'll dim the screen. We already know that Google's offering features a swipe-down gesture that brings up a "home view" control panel that now isn't found on the third-party devices.

The smart home consumer at-large however just wants a clean, simple way to interact with the devices they have.

This leaves the Google Home Hub as a cheaper alternative to the Portal ($199-plus) or the Echo Show ($230), and something the company thinks customers will feel more comfortable placing all around their homes. The Home Hub screen really doesn't look much larger than a smartphone. It only costs $149, which is about what you'd expect. The display is backed by a "crystal clear speaker" and the attractive design with fabric base and rounded corner display is available in Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua and Sand finishes. Also, when you buy Google Home Hub, you'll get six months of YouTube Premium on us, so you can enjoy YouTube Music as well as all of YouTube ad-free. And that's exactly what the Google Home Hub is all about.

Even when paying up for expedited shipping, the absolute earliest delivery from the Google Store is now only guaranteed by Tuesday, October 23.

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