Kaneez Surka accuses comedian Aditi Mittal of sexual harassment

Kaneez Surka Demands Public Apology From Stand Up Comedian Aditi Mittal For Forcefully Kissing Her

Kaneez Surka Aditi Mittal

Comedian Aditi Mittal has been accused of forcibly kissing fellow comedian Kaneez Surka publicly in what is a testament to the fact that sexual assault can be committed by anyone.

Comedian Kaneez Surekha has accused comedian Aditi Mittal of sexually harassing her when she hosted a comedy show at Andheri Base two years ago. It left me humiliated, shocked and completely stripped of choice.

The comic, who recently appeared as one of the judges on Amazon Prime Video's "Comicstaan", said when she mustered the courage to reach out to Mittal a year ago, she first apologised but soon turned hostile towards her, leaving her confused and hurt.

Kaneez states that seeing Aditi Mittal championing the cause of the survivors of sexual misconduct and subsequent harassment has triggered her. Kaneez states that she has spoken to Aditi through an intermediary. "Out of my belief that the opportunity to reform is the only way forward, yesterday, once again, I spoke to her through a mutual friend and requested her to come out with a public apology and save me the pain of having to reveal her identity".

However, Aditi refused to acknowledge the incident, and denied kissing Kaneez. While Aditi has accepted the accusation levelled against her earlier, but now has gaslit Kaneez, when asked for an apology. Her actions yesterday have hurt me further and burdened me with the task of having to do this but I don't want to be silent anymore.

Surka also said she contacted Mittal this week through a third-party and asked the comedian to issue a public apology. "Please respect this", she concluded.

Surka also stated that her note is not an opportunity for any men to use it for their own agendas. What she is doing is not for publicity but for closure and mental health.

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