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NES – Nintendo Switch Online adds The Legend of Zelda special version

Switch Online Subscribers Can Now Play a Special Version of Legend of Zelda

If you choose to, you can now start the game with equipment like the White Sword, the Magical Shield, the Blue Ring, and the Power Bracelet, along with lots of buying power to get even more items nice and early into your journey. Once you beat Ganon, you'll be able to play through a more hard version of the game called Second Quest.

Nintendo's new paid service for online play, Nintendo Switch Online, debuted in September, and with it came a bunch of original NES games available only to subscribers on Nintendo's newest console. The protagonist, a sorcerer called Dana, must find the eponymous key by progressing through a series of increasingly challenging rooms by creating and/or destroying orange blocks.

In addition to NES Open Tournament Golf/Solomon's Key/Super Dodge Ball, a special save file has been added to The Legend of Zelda. It features Mario, Luigi, and other familiar characters.

Make no mistake - that's an absolute shed load of resources for this game and will serve to make it significantly easier, especially since the original Legend of Zelda is entirely open-ended.

With the release of Nintendo Switch Online less than a month ago, Nintendo announced that its NES Online library would be steadily expanding throughout the next few months. In November, the app will gain Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack and TwinBee, while December will see the release of Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden and Wario's Woods.

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