Mental health awareness programme kicks-off Wednesday

The personal reason why I’m fighting to get mental health first aiders in the workplace

World Mental Health Day 2018: Raising awareness and combating stigma

"We also see, every day, the fantastic healing and calming abilities of yoga and mindfulness, and we want to share it".

She said that having cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for stage fright while on Strictly Come Dancing made her realise how important mental health issues are.

An award-winning Burnley gym operator is out to promote the positive impact exercise can have on mental health by offering people a free five-day pass in honour of World Mental Health Day.

At IT company Insentra, ranked second on the Best Places to Work's 2018 list for businesses with under 100 employees, mental wellbeing starts with a single question, at every meeting and within most company interactions, internal and external.

Today marks World Mental Health Day and this week is Mental Health Awareness Week in New Zealand. In response, GKR has spent the past year raising awareness of mental health amongst staff.

The 2011 Youth Risk Behaviour Survey (YRBS) revealed that a quarter of grade 8-11 learners across all South Africa's provinces had felt so sad or hopeless that they couldn't engage in their usual daily activities for two weeks or more.

Seape added that the causes of depression and related mental illnesses in teenagers and young adults are multi-faceted.

He said millions of people were caught up in conflict and disasters, putting them at risk of a range of long-term mental health problems.

The experts state that signs of ill mental health can be spotted if people pay close attention to what the youth say.

Here are some simple steps to taking care of your own mental well-being.

Dr Ramadan AlBlooshi, CEO, Dubai Healthcare City Authority - Regulatory, said, "In line with the Dubai Government's efforts, the DHCC aims to create a culture in which people feel safe and comfortable to talk about their issues, and are guaranteed the best care". It helps to be aware of what your thoughts are and how they are affecting your behaviour, and to speak to someone you trust if you are anxious about how they are making you feel. "This is the reason why WHO felt the need to focus on young people and mental health". Our mind is equally important to us as our body. Cooking fresh ingredients with friends or family at home and eating together can also make mealtimes more social and enjoyable. It's not all bad - my resilience comes from my depression.

Now mental health received less than 5%, even in these richer nations.

"We've all got personal lives going on and if people can't bring their whole self to work they're not going to be happy", Barwise explains.

Physical activity can help relieve stress as it relaxes the muscles and alleviates tension in the body.

When you're feeling low it's easy to want to cut yourself off from the people and the world around you.

Organisers of a Timaru family fun day celebrating mental health awareness were impressed with the turnout and hope to make it even bigger next year.

She said the programmes outlined for the celebrations include public lecture, appearances on various media platforms, a health walk, outreach screening programmes, and Open Day at all Mental Health facilities for public interactions.

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