Statement by Premier Doug Ford on the Ottawa Tornado

A dormer that was torn from a home's roof by a tornado is seen in Dunrobin Ontario Canada west of Ottawa on Saturday Sept. 22 2018. The storm tore roofs off of homes overturned cars and felled power lines. (Justin Tang  The Canadian Press via A

Tornado destroys houses near Canadian capital Ottawa

Four people were still hospitalized with storm-related injuries on Sunday and neighbourhoods looked like war zones as residents and volunteers pitched in to clear debris left by the two twisters that touched down late Friday afternoon. "There is a little bit of shock on the part of everybody in our house, but otherwise we are OK".

"We're putting the resources in, we are going to get it done", he told a sobbing woman seeking refuge at the school.

The Ottawa Hospital confirmed last night that six people are being treated there for storm-related injuries.

The city issued a statement Friday announcing the opening of a mobile command post and an emergency measures centre.

According to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, city police, fire services and paramedics were going door-to-door to check-in on residents and to offer transportation to all who need to get to the relief centre.

Damage from a tornado is seen in Dunrobin, Ontario west of Ottawa on Friday, Sept. 21, 2018.

"We're monitoring the situation and thinking of everyone affected", he said on Twitter.

Residents leave with some of their belongings from a Gatineau Quebec Canada neighborhood on Saturday Sept. 22 2018. A tornado on Friday afternoon tore roofs off of homes overturned cars and felled power lines in the Ottawa community of Dunrobin and

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday that he'd spoken with the mayors of Ottawa and Gatineau to discuss "how the community is recovering from the damages". They gathered their cats and dogs and ran for the basement, but just as they reached the door to the lower floor, the kitchen window imploded, sending glass flying to the front of the house.

Environment Canada said that at nearly the same time a second, lightly less powerful, twister touched down in the south Ottawa neighbourhood of Arlington Woods.

More than 145,000 customers were without power in the city on Saturday morning as a result of damage that Hydro Ottawa CEO Bryce Conrad said was as bad or worse than that caused by a devastating ice storm in 1998.

The Greater Toronto Area saw thunderstorms and wind gusts of up to 80 kilometres per hour, also leaving thousands without power.

The Ontario government announced Saturday that it was activating the province's Disaster Recovery Assistance program in affected areas.

All utilities say hundreds of their crews are working around the clock in order to restore power to all of their customers as soon as possible. "They're working in risky conditions and, at times, are not able to start repairs until the wind weakens".

Residents of the Ottawa region are facing widespread power outages and school closures after two tornadoes struck on Friday.

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