Sexual assault survivors tell Trump 'why I didn't report' abuse

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Alyssa Milano Blasts Donald Trump For Sexual Assault Tweet: ‘Listen The F*** Up’

To that end, a host of social media users shared their painful stories of sexual assault on Twitter and elsewhere Friday, many recalling fear, despair, and self-doubt.

Judd was one of the women to first publicly accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct previous year - helping spark the #MeToo movement and bringing to light stories of sexual assault in the film industry, media and beyond. In Ford's case, the frankly horrific details, albeit sketchy due to repression and passage of considerable time, were first brought to Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein's attention, who tried hard to maintain the victim's anonymity for as long as possible.

'It took me three decades to tell my parents that the assault had even happened.

President Trump's Twitter pushback Friday on allegations raised by Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault shocked many and spurred women to share their stories of assault on social media with the hashtag #whyididntreport. The same percentage know their attacker, making it even more hard to come forward.

"He was the nephew of my father's girlfriend at the time & was older & stronger than me", he wrote.

Asked if she would ever consider a political run herself, the mother of two replied: 'I think so, yes.

In an article published last week, Ford alleged that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while they were in high school, coming forward as the author of an anonymous letter penned earlier this summer.

"I was living in a time when someone who identified as a gay teenager would NOT be taken seriously by the police".

Rape and sexual assault survivors know that severe backlash is often the ugly price they pay when accusing a powerful man of a crime, according to Laura Palumbo, communications director at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Her office released an audio recording to Politico in which she said: "I was appalled by the president's tweet".

"My biggest fear was, do I look like someone just attacked me?" she told the Washington Post. "I was sexually assaulted twice".

Would you like to wait for more alleged witnesses to be interviewed, hear Blasey Ford's testimony to the United States Senate, or listen to Kavanaugh's rebuttal prior to making a judgement call that could utterly ruin an innocent man's life and career? Not only does Trump completely skate the idea that Kavanaugh may not have assaulted Ford-he asserts that even if he did, it might not have been that "bad", or at least not "bad" enough to file a report with law enforcement, as if even a gentle attempted rape wouldn't disqualify Kavanaugh from serving on the Supreme Court.

"They told me what I described was a rape".

CNN reports: "The chances of Ford deciding to go ahead appeared to rise Thursday after her attorneys opened negotiations with the Senate Judiciary Committee on a possible appearance next week".

Organizations like the Women's March and UltraViolet joined the conversation.

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