Durant says LeBron on the Lakers take spotlight off Warriors



But on their first formal day together, nobody suggested the Lakers are remotely ready to compete with the Warriors, who would have four consecutive championships if James hadn't won the Cavs' first championship in legendary fashion instead in 2016. James aside, the Lakers are still very much a team in development. Last season, he averaged almost 37.

The capture of James prompted bookmakers to slash the odds on the Lakers winning another National Basketball Association title, with Las Vegas betting market Westgate installing them as 7/2 favorites behind the Warriors. "[.] Hopefully someday, we can put ourselves in a position where we can compete for a championship, as Golden State has done for the last few years". "There's only one champion, but that doesn't mean you're not successful". There's going to be wins and losses, but what you control is how you prepare every day. With James' arrival in Los Angeles, all eyes will be on him and how the Lakers perform during the season.

"My expectation is to get better every single day", James said.

"We're a new ballclub coming together". We're all new to each other. So we have to take our bumps and our bruises. That's what happens when a team is new. "But if we continue to work the process and we continue to sacrifice for one another and put in the commitment and the time to being great, everything else will fall into place".

"I think we all know this franchise has been a historical franchise in this league for years", James said. "You talk about the championships, the players that have come through this franchise, that have worn this uniform, that's an excitement in its own right".

"As far as my business is concerned, that stuff has been taking care of itself long before I came out here".

"It's just always humbling for me anytime I get the chance to be part of something special", James said.

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