Twitch Streaming Suddenly Blocked In China

Twitch is Reportedly Blocked in China After Government Crackdown

Twitch is Reportedly Blocked in China After Government Crackdown

Market research firm Newzoo pegs China as the world's largest market for gaming, so this is a big hit for Twitch. The strict rules employed under the guise of national security have led to many apps and popular social media platforms do not operate in the country.

Twitch reportedly was the third most downloaded free app in China a few weeks ago, because state TV, CCTV, didn't air the esports matches at the Asian Games.

This is the first time that esports have been part of an global event, and so Chinese citizens were disappointed with the lack of coverage, tuning in to Twitch to see the action firsthand.

A Twitch spokesperson did not comment on questions about how the ban affects Twitch and if there's a sense of when or if this ban will be lifted.

Representatives at Twitch have confirmed that it's been restricted within the country, both website and app, but didn't give reasons as to why.

Given China's usual attitude towards foreign communication services, it's not uncommon for companies to strike some sort of deal in order to stay active in the country. Also, according to The Verge, during the peak of the competition, 23 times more Chinese downloaded the Twitch app. The website has been banned in China, making the it latest in a string of restrictions focused on cracking down on gaming. Some see it as the government cracking down further on gaming, while others see it as a more political move. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are also inaccessible in the country.

China is rather strict when it comes to online services however Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, was still up and running there until recently when it has been officially blocked by the government.

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