Apple releases how-to videos for the Apple Watch Series 4

The iPhone XS and Max do fine on the battery life test but fall short of one Apple claim

Get iPhone XS style battery life on your older iPhone with this easy step report that while the iPhone fans were observing their annual ritual of queuing up to get their hands on the fabled devices, Huawei staff took the opportunity to not-so-subtly have a go at the battery life of iPhones by handing out powerbanks to the waiting crowds. One Apple Watch on the Apple Watch stand, one iPhone X or iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, etcetera, and one of whatever other device you have a charging cord for.

From that vantage point, it appears that Apple's latest iPhone XS and XS Max might boast a slightly more formidable build than even the iPhone X - but again, given the lack of scientific precedent, it's impossible to say with certainty how your handset will fare in a remotely similar setting.

TechSmartt dropped the new XS and XS Max - as well as last year's iPhone X - from three (loosely defined) heights: pocket height, head height, and roughly 10 feet.

"IPhone XR makes it possible for even more people to have the great experience of the latest iPhone X technology, in handsome new designs, at a more affordable price". The 18 new iPhones were valued at over $18,000. Whether or not either model is for you is up to your needs - and, more importantly, your budget. That was surprising because in previous years about 55 per cent of consumers opted for the larger screen size, according to Munster.

Huawei can't stop taking shots at Apple.

I don't have big hands and have resisted the trend of bigger phones as much as I possibly could over the past few years. The site notes that both are in the ballpark of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus batteries.

Skimming through my Twitter timeline after the iPhone XS review embargo lifted earlier this week (I refuse to read reviews of a product until after I've reviewed it), I got the impression that the iPhone XS Max was too big for most reviewers. This means you'll need to spend $9 more for a dongle if you want to use an old pair of headphones.

The entrepreneur and his friends made pre-orders online and Lim was at the store at 8am (7am Thailand time) to collect their six iPhone XS' and two units of the iPhone XS Maxm, TODAY reported on Friday.

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