Investigation finds Maryland culpable in death of player

Review of Jordan McNair’s death reveals U.Md. trainers didn’t follow proper procedures

Investigation finds Maryland culpable in death of Jordan McNair, D.J. Durkin remains on leave

McNair was hospitalized on May 29 after a team workout and died June 13.

The 74-page report is the result of an investigation by Walters Inc., a sports medicine consulting company. It concludes that the training staff failed to rapidly diagnose and treat McNair, adding that if trainers had recognized the severity of the the teenager's illness "there might have been the opportunity to reverse the patient's core temperature".

The list of changes already implemented, according to the school, include an increase in doctors and training at practices and games; additional on-site cooling stations to football training camp and practices consisting of portable spray misters, recovery drinks and cooling towels; and increasing the number and length of recovery breaks.

"There was a 34-minute delay between when he first cramped and was taken off the field".

Loh met with the media after Walters presented his findings. "They have to be implemented and there has to be training". Maryland president Wallace Loh said during a press conference in August that Maryland would accept "legal and moral responsibility" for the events that led to McNair's death.

The University of Maryland announced Friday how it will better protect the health of its student-athletes following a report into the death of football player Jordan McNair earlier this year.

Although the results of the investigation were only made available Friday, Loh said in a statement that the athletic program has begun implementing numerous recommendations included in the report.

Head football coach D.J. Durkin remains on administrative leave.

USA Today reported Brady said the university is awaiting the conclusions of a second independent investigation into Durkin's conduct, before deciding whether to keep him on.

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