The Cost of Space Force

The Air Force Wants More Planes – and a Lot More Money                 



The Air Force Wants More Planes – and a Lot More Money INTS KALNINS

Wilson discussed restoring force readiness, space operations and the future of the Air Force during her presentation.

Wilson would strongly oppose that because she believes space acquisitions should be owned by a military service. The idea was not welcomed by the Pentagon, which already was resisting efforts in Congress to create a Space Corps within the Air Force like the Marine Corps within the Department of the Navy. The memo was written by Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson.

Vice President Mike Pence released a report spearheaded by Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan on August 9 that outlined the steps toward a Space Force. Details of the proposal, including the cost, will be included in the President's FY2020 budget request to Congress, which must authorize the establishment of a new military department and fund it. A proposed new U.S. Space Command will probably be at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, where the Air Force has a lower-level command, though no location is specified in the memo. Wilson's proposal is insistent the NRO and a new Space Development Agency should be in the Space Force to ensure acquisition is closely connected to space operators. Its annual Air, Space, and Cyber conference is now underway outside Washington, D.C.

The Air Force provided this graphic with a summary of the proposed plan.

"The process that we are going through is to put together a plan that we can carry forward for legislative proposal and what I would tell you is, there is no group think in the Pentagon", Shanahan said Wednesday at the Air Force Association's annual Air, Space and Cyber conference. The "Air Force We Need" has 386 operational squadrons by 2030. The proposal represents the Air Force's point of view, not necessarily that of the Pentagon as a whole.

The US Air Force has led the Armed Forces in establishing America's space capability such that it is unrivaled in the world.

Dr. Wilson said the Air Force is more ready for combat today than they were two years ago. These Air Force assets can provide increased awareness for military leadership around the world. "From an employment perspective effects from air and space have been integrated and are indivisible". "To do a Venn diagram on what it is we want to accomplish - everything lays on top of one another". "Too much mission, too few dollars".

One of the concerns among critics is that federal money will inevitably go into bureaucratic overhead costs, such as establishing a new headquarters instead of operations and research.

It does support reestablishing the unified combatant command for space, however. Trump first floated the Space Force idea in March as a part of his national security strategy. The idea has met with mixed reviews on Capitol Hill so far. The Air, Space and Cyber Conference is a professional development conference that offers an opportunity for Department of Defense personnel to participate in forums, speeches, seminars and workshops. John McCain, was not convinced and blocked it. McCain's SASC successor, Sen.

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