Google Maps finally works with CarPlay

CarPlay Google Maps

CarPlay allows Google Maps navigation with iOS 12

We are expecting Waze and some other third-party, non-Apple Maps, products to be available as well on Apple CarPlay in the near future.

Back when CarPlay launched, its relatively closed ecosystem was billed as an advantage. Thus, developers have a good idea of how to optimize the performance of their apps for an in-car display.

Google Maps is also easy to use on a computer via the web as well as on a phone via Google's app. On the other hand, Waze's warning system is unrivaled in the industry. Google Maps just happens to be the first one out of the gate. You'll see your vehicle listed.

Most notably users are still able use Google Maps even if they are without an internet connection as the app lets users download specified data for such a circumstance.

Google Maps version 5.0 for iOS is here and it brings full CarPlay support via iOS 12 and this is a "big deal". It will only work with iOS 12, so make sure you have the latest OS installed on your iOS device. When you land, simply refer to Google Maps and navigate to your saved locations. First, go to Settings and select CarPlay. Then tap and hold Google Maps to drag it onto the Home screen, and that's it.

Waze is also now working on a way to operate in CarPlay, which would help us out even more, since Waze's navigation employs user-inputted data about traffic, road closures, speed traps and other things that make us want to pull our hair out while driving.

"See an up to the minute ETA so you know exactly when you'll be at your destination". This is why a few months ago, the iPhone maker revealed its intentions to completely overhaul its Maps app.

This meant the inconvenient Apple Maps could no longer be bothered about by Apple customers. And its no secret Apple Maps is no match to Google Maps when it comes to reach and depth. And more third-party apps are on the way. What we thought was Apple-specific visual design has been carried over to Google's navigation app, right down to the typeface.

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