Nissan pick-up truck transformed into world class SPACE OBSERVATORY

Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept

Enlarge ImageNissan's butch-looking Navara is related- but not identical- to America's Frontier. Nissan

The trailer module has a special refrigerated atmosphere, which allows the telescope to remain stable and calibrated at the optimum temperature in transit to any location. These include WiFi, a station for laptops, EV battery tech, and UHF transmission for sending data.

"The Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept allows observations to take place in very remote places, avoiding light pollution, while also transporting telescopes safely and easily", says ESA's senior mission planner for Gaia.

The most critical component is the off-road trailer behind the Navara pickup, a bespoke, steel-frame build that carries a high-powered PlaneWave telescope inside. It also uses red interior lighting to minimise any effects on people's night vision, since red light affects it the least.

The trailer's mechanical roof can be activated once at the desired spot, which will allow the PlaneWave telescope to set its sights to the skies.

The second puzzle piece of this concept, the Navara pickup, stands as burly and ready to go as the trailer.

Displayed alongside it is the Navara N-Guard, a more rugged version - inspired by the EnGuard Concept (pictured below) - of the truck that's on sale in Europe.

The Navara Dark Sky Concept has been created to aid astronomers in making follow-up observations of the night skies in difficult-to-access locations away from light pollution - areas known as "dark sky" locations.

The ESA is now creating an intricate map of the heavens with its Gaia satellite - and has already located more than a billion stars.

I'm no professional astronomer, but the Dark Sky resonates with me more than the average concept auto.

"Telescopes like the one in this trailer are needed in studies of planets and stars in our galaxy, facilitating Earth-based follow-up campaigns enabled by the Gaia data".

Nissan today unveiled the out-of-this-world Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept at the 2018 Hannover Motor Show, proving that the sky is never the limit.

Nissan plans to work with ESA to donate the telescope as part of their educational outreach initiatives following the Hannover Motor Show.

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