Still unsafe Florence weakens from hurricane to tropical storm: forecasters

Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to be at hurricane strength when it reaches the Lesser Antilles on Thursday

Hurricane Florence Won’t Be The Last To Hit The US This Season As More Form In Its Wake

According to the National Hurricane Center's 11 p.m. Tuesday update, Isaac has weakened somewhat in the previous 24 hours and is now expected to enter the Caribbean Thursday evening as a tropical storm, rather than a hurricane.

Since then, Isaac has meandered in the Caribbean Sea and, as a depression, lashed the Lesser Antilles Friday morning with rain squalls and 35 miles per hour winds.

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for...

A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for...

A tropical storm warning continues for Martinique, Dominica and Guadeloupe.

On that path Isaac will move across the central Lesser Antilles and into the Caribbean on Thursday. A turn to the west-northwest is possible early next week if Isaac survives. Since we're now at the height of hurricane season it's important to stay focused and have plans ready, should any tropical activity threaten.

Isaac's death knell was sounded around 5 a.m. Saturday when the National Hurricane Center's aircraft was unable to find a well-defined center and as a result the center reported that the storm had "dissipated".

That's almost double the wave heights documented on Tuesday, when the NHC said satellites had observed "an expansive area of wave heights 12 feet or greater" circulating around Hurricane Florence and peak waves of 45 feet near its center.

"Outside the warning area, there will be blustery conditions with increasing amounts of cloud and rain". Gradual weakening is forecast after that as Isaac moves through the eastern Caribbean. A watch is typically issued 48 hours before tropical-storm-force winds are expected to arrive, which makes outside preparations hard or risky - and Tropical-storm-force winds are possible within the tropical storm watch area today. Heavy rain and winds from Olivia downed trees, knocked out power and prompted evacuations of several homes on Hawaii's Maui island but spared the state widespread damage Wednesday.

The Portuguese weather service said that wind gusts of up to 74 mph are possible by the weekend in the Azores, an island chain about 850 miles west of Portugal.

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