F1 reveals new vehicle designs for 2021

Here's What Formula 1 Wants Its Cars To Look Like In 2021

F1 reveals new car designs for 2021

While nothing specific was said about what the engine regulations will look like, F1 managing director of motorsports and technical director Ross Brawn hinted to several members of the media after the presentation that the current V6 hybrid units will remain. But they're often categories with fixed designs, so everyone races the same vehicle, so you don't have the extremes of design that we have in Formula 1. And even if the event was closed to the public, images showing the racer did surface online.

To address those concerns, F1 has revealed these designs for new cars in the 2021 season. Previous regulation changes have resulted in unexpected and ugly design elements, and Brawn admits the first season of cars may not look exactly like the concepts.

Ross Brawn revealed a look at how an F1 vehicle could appear ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. "But I want exciting-looking cars". Nevertheless, the sport's promoters Liberty Media have time and again said that the new vehicle will help make the sport more exciting and attractive as it aims to appeal to a younger fan base. 'What we established early on in our research is the cars we have now are very bad in following each other.

"I'm not going to pretend from day one that we will have the flawless solution, certainly from the aesthetics, because try as hard as we can we cannot anticipate every move the teams will make", he said.

"The current cars lose once they get within two or three cars lengths - they lose up to 50 percent of their performance, which is why when drivers are on the same tires of the same age, they struggle to race each other".

"One of the primary objectives has been to work on the raceability of these cars and how well they could race each other, how close they could get to each other without losing substantial amounts of performance".

The most notable change in all three concepts is the introduction of fairings near the wheels to improve the airflow, with cars for 2019 already set to include changes to the front wings based on similar principles.

"We see it in other forms of racing, but they are often categories with fixed designs and everyone races the same auto".

"That is not to control the development, because it's critical this development achieves its objectives, but why shouldn't we have great looking cars as we're evolving the cars?" I'm pleased to say that the solutions are pretty aligned.

Brawn said Formula One wanted drivers in cars that "young people want to stick up on their walls".

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