Former Buzzcocks host Lamarr charged with common assault

He hosted Never Mind the Bollocks between 1996 and 2005.

It is understood that the 51-year-old has been barred from contacting the woman, described as a "former girlfriend". The next thing police turned up and carted him off in a van.

Lamarr, born Mark Jones, was a regular on TV screens in the 1990s, rising to fame as the host of "The Word", before working as an outdoor presenter on "The Big Breakfast".

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that Lamarr was charged on September 1 with common assault and false imprisonment.

Lamarr was also a team captain on Reeves and Mortimer's panel show Shooting Stars, where he was relentlessly mocked for being a "Fifties throwback".

News reports have quoted a neighbour as saying the ex TV star keeps a low profile but is often seen "pottering around vehicle boot sales".

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