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10 Bold Predictions for Hell in a Cell

Undertaker went on to talk about watching Mick Foley fall from the cell and the fact that it felt like it took forever for him to land but the landing could well have been much worse than it was. According to Taker, he nearly ended up falling through the cell roof as well.

"That could have been catastrophic", Taker said. I mean it really could have, but I stepped off the panel and onto the support bars, if I hadn't of done that we would have both gone through that together. It's a case of, "Oh, it's after SummerSlam, so I guess we should fight... inside Hell in a Cell!" rather than settling scores, ending feuds and having epic blowoffs. "Then what happens? It's a scary thought". As Shane voiced his displeasure over the manner in which the company was being run, his father chose to give him a chance to join the company but only on one condition- beat The Dead Man in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania 32.

Undertaker admitted that he had suffered a fractured ankle ahead of the match, which threw a spanner in the works because The Deadman was expected to scale the structure with an injury. Michaels' feet actually touched the top of the cage several times from backdrops in that particular match. I don't care how but I would have got up there.

The entire interview can be viewed here.

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