Hurricane Florence Created Enormous 83-Foot Waves In the Atlantic

Hurricane Isaac has seriously weakened recently due to the wind shear in the Atlantic

Hurricane Isaac has seriously weakened recently due to the wind shear in the

This isn't to say it couldn't be a tropical storm down the road, but given the latest forecast modeling, that's what looks most likely at this point in time. The bottom line is everything we're tracking points towards a catastrophic event. Tropical storms generate winds between 39 and 73 miles per hour, just below hurricane force. "These enormous waves are produced by being trapped along with very strong winds moving in the same direction as the storm's motion", the branch wrote on Twitter. "We should also continue to keep our brothers and sisters located in the Carolinas in our thoughts and prayers as Hurricane Florence approaches their area".

Flaherty said there is a small piece of good news, in that the "flow" in the southeastern quadrant of the storm has been reduced slightly.

More than 2 feet of rain already had fallen in places, and the drenching went on and on as Florence, a hurricane-turned-tropical storm, practically parked itself over the two states.

"A turn toward the north and northeast with an increase in forward speed is expected during the next few days", according to the agency. Heavy rain and winds from Olivia downed trees, knocked out power and prompted evacuations of several homes on Hawaii's Maui island but spared the state widespread damage Wednesday.

Florence started to work its way inland on Friday evening, as that system continued to dump life-threatening rain and storm surge on the Carolinas.

A weather warning for wind has been issued ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Helene in the United Kingdom next week, with injuries and danger to life a possibility. Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, September 13, 2018, due the presence of Subtropical Storm Joyce (previously referred to as Invest 96L) over the Atlantic Ocean. "There will be some rain but at the moment it doesn't look as though that's going to be the issue".

Beyond that brief period, the cyclone should weaken a bit as it completes extratropical transition while passing just to the northwest of the Azores Islands and traversing much cooler waters.

"WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU", the city tweeted during the height of the storm.

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