‘Outlaw King’ Trailer: Sneak Peek At Chris Pine In Toronto Fest Opener

Game of Thrones star Stphen Dilliane plays King Edward

Game of Thrones star Stphen Dilliane plays King Edward

Chris Pine stars as the real-life Robert the Bruce, a legendary Scottish warrior who led Scotland in the First War of Scottish Independence against England.

Netflix has released the first trailer for the upcoming historical epic Outlaw King, from Hell or High Water director David Mackenzie.

Check out the Outlaw King trailer below!

The medieval King of Scots faced off against the the English army under the rule of King Edward I in an attempt to free Scotland from English occupation. The film will debut as the Opening Night Film of the Toronto Film Festival on Thursday, Sept. 6. Scripted by Mackenzie, Bash Doran, James MacInnes, Mark Bomback, and David Harrower, the film also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, Tony Curran, Stephen Dillane, James Cosmo, and Sam Spruell. The Outlaw King trailer is awash in grey colors and a miserable atmosphere, painting bleak portrait of Scotland under the occupation of the oppressive English King Edward I. The entire trailer is moody and almost dialogue-free and it isn't until one minute in that you understand why: Pine's Scottish accent is...not that great. Will you head out to theaters to see the movie when it's released, or will you just be streaming it on Netflix? Outlaw King will also play in select theaters across the country once it releases on the streaming site on November 9.

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