Apple store cleared after iPad explodes

Image Credit AT5

Image Credit AT5

FAMOUS for smoking, but, er, not this kind of smoking.

An Apple store in the Netherlands was evacuated after an iPad battery exploded and released noxious fumes into the air, according to reports.

At 2.20pm local time on Sunday, the Amsterdam fire department tweeted the crews were on the scene, adding that that the incident was presumably caused by a "leaking battery pack".

The fire was quickly put out by Apple staff who put the device in a container with sand, firefighters were called, and the store was evacuated as a precautionary measure.

It remains unclear whether the iPad battery park was an official part from Apple, or a shonky repalcement supplied by a third-party fix firm.

While no one appears to have been seriously injured in the Amsterdam incident, much more serious safety issues have been reported for years at Apple's Chinese suppliers like Foxconn, including explosions, fires, and chemical exposure.

A consumer backlash against the policy led to it offering discounted and free battery swaps for some customers.

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