Chef Oliver in hot water over his 'jerk rice'

Dawn Butler accused the chef of “cultural appropriation” for his microwave jerk rice

Dawn Butler accused the chef of “cultural appropriation” for his microwave jerk riceVICKIE FLORES ALAMY

She also asked Jamaica-born Roots - who appeared on Dragons Den with his now-bestselling Reggae Reggae jerk barbecue sauce - if he would teach Oliver a masterclass.

Ms Butler wrote on Twitter that she wondered if Mr Oliver "knows what Jamaican jerk actually is". It's not just a word you put before stuff to sell products.

The recipe varies, but always contains scotch bonnet peppers and allspice, neither of which are used in Oliver's rice.

The controversy around Jamie's new easy rice option centre around the facts that jerk rice simply doesn't exist in Jamaica. "This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop". Your jerk rice is not OK.

However, Rustie Lee wasn't having it.

Roots agreed with GMB host Kate Garraway's suggestion that the row erupted because specific ingredients are meant to go into jerk seasoning.

The row began when Marti Burgess, the associate director of law firm Gregg Latchams, tweeted a picture of the "jerk rice" in her local supermarket.

Lee said: "At the end of the day, I've tasted it and it tastes like Caribbean rice and beans with flavours in it... the jerk part of it is barbecue and you can't barbecue rice..."

Levi interjected: "Jerk is either a method of cooking, or the marinade".

"You can not call it jerk if it doesn't have allspice".

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