Apple reassures customers after teen is busted for hacking its secure network

16-year-old Apple fanboi admits to hacking firm's corporate network

16-year-old Apple fanboi admits to hacking firm's corporate network

Following reports of the hacking incident, Apple issued a statement saying that no customer data was compromised from the repeated attacks on its network. The teen's defense attorney claims that the hacker accessed Apple's servers because he loved the Cupertino company and had always dreamed of working for them. He reportedly accessed customer accounts and downloaded 90GB of sensitive files. But it's even worse when a teenager makes off with 90GB of ostensibly secure files from Apple, a $1 trillion tech company that prides itself on the security of its products, and that appears to be exactly what happened previous year.

Apple contacted Federal Bureau of Investigation after noticing the breach and Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his family home and discovered hacking files and instructions saved in that folder as reported by The Age.

The school student appeared in Children's Court this week, where it heard that he started hacking Apple's systems when he was 16.

The AFP raided the boy's family home a year ago and found two Apple laptops with serial numbers that matched those of the devices used in the hacking.

An Apple spokesman said the company's information security personnel "discovered the unauthorized access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement" without commenting further on the specifics of the case. He also allegedly had a look at customer accounts. The teen accessed authorised keys to log in undetected and later on communicated about his hacking into Apple to some friends using WhatsApp.

A mobile phone and hard drive were also seized whose IP address matched those detected in the breaches, he added.

The magistrate acknowledged the teen's guilty plea and stood the matter down until next month for sentencing, due to the case's complexities.

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