Temperatures likely to stay abnormally high for next four years, say scientists

Ближайшие пять лет будут аномально жаркими

UK weather warning: World to experience EXTREME heat for next FOUR YEARS

But Gabi Hegerl, professor of climate system science at the University of Edinburgh, warned the global system is not now able to predict heatwaves like the one seen in the United Kingdom this summer.

Scientists previously warned that the record-breaking heatwave that impacted Europe in summer 2018 was likely to become the rule rather than the exception as climate change disrupts weather patterns.

"So they may predict how likely it is to have a global record warm year, but not a regional record summer like we've had in the United Kingdom".

This research was carried out before the July heatwave so it seems that scientists have already been proved right.

The new technique, called Procast ('probabilistic forecast'), seeks to make sense of chaotic phenomena such as the Earth's climate by examining data from previous changes to make predictions.

The scientists, led by Dr Florian Sevellec from the University of Brest in France, wrote in the journal Nature Communications: 'For 2018-2022, the probabilistic forecast indicates a warmer than normal period, with respect to the forced trend [of global warming].

"This will temporarily reinforce the long-term global warming trend".

"The coming warm period is associated with an increased likelihood of intense to extreme temperatures", the researchers add.

However this increase in warm weather could affect sea temperatures and increase the likelihood of tropical storms - warm doesn't always mean blue skies!

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