President Trump Issues Statement Ahead of Deadly Charlottesville Anniversary

Donald Trump Denounces Racism Ahead of White Supremacist Rally Anniversary

White supremacists set to rally outside White House a year after deadly clash

First daughter Ivanka Trump has spoken out against white supremacy a year after the violent racist rally in Charlottesville.

First daughter Ivanka Trump received a rude reception Saturday night after she posted a three-tweet statement about the violence in Charlottesville - nearly one year to the day after the white-nationalist "Unite the Right" rally that left one woman dead.

Nikuyah Walker was elected the mayor of Charlottesville shortly after the incident. on the show "Face the Nation" on CBS News, she said, "We hear these stories about people who are just shocked at where you know where we are, and in our communities, in regards to racism".

The violence culminated when a man plowed his vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a woman named Heather Heyer and injuring 19.

Previous year in Charlottesville, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen and other members of hate groups marched through the University of Virginia campus shouting anti-Semitic slogans, then fought with counter-protesters in the city streets.

"When Trump criticizes "all types of racism" he's using false equivalence to wink at those who peddle in the distortions of white grievance", Rather wrote. Peace to ALL Americans!

Those demonstrations descended into violence after the two sides - some on the right armed with firearms, and some on the left with shields and clubs - met, and several people were injured.

"I am proud to have fought for and secured the LOWEST African-American and Hispanic unemployment rates in history".

"Most of the counterprotesters could not even catch sight of the brief right-wing rally, where some of the roughly two dozen demonstrators inside their penned-off area held signs that said, 'Protect the endangered species, stop white genocide, ' and 'white lives matter, '" the Times continued. Now I'm pushing for prison reform to give people who have paid their debt to society a second chance.

Trump's tweet on Saturday faced criticism on social media as some jumped on the his wording of "all types of racism", after his claim a year ago that "both sides" were responsible for the violence.

Trump has backed legislation investing in opportunity zones with extreme poverty rates and targeting prisoner recidivism rates and criminal justice reform. "If we dont say: "Not here, not now" this violence will keep happening on our watch." she said.

In sum, Trump has lost the moral authority to govern many times over, not the least of which is because racial division is part and parcel of his appeal to his base.

"And then another bright spot is the president's plan and objective to work with both the House and the Senate to reduce recidivism which, well, focuses on prison reform", Scott said.

"The other side were the folks who were protesting against hatred, like Heather Heyer", McAuliffe said.

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