Zulgad: It's about time "Hard Knocks" comes calling for Vikings

Takeaways from'Hard Knocks episode 1 featuring Browns

Takeaways from'Hard Knocks episode 1 featuring Browns

Landry, likely the team's top wide receiver when training camp breaks (Josh Gordon is AWOL), went on an epic "Hard Knocks" rant in Tuesday's premiere of the Browns training camp reality show on HBO. He was not pleased with the group's effort. That s-- is over with, bruh. If you're going to f- practice, f- practice.

In case you missed it, I'll summarize: With the cameras rolling in a meeting with his coaching and support staff, Jackson got challenged on his policy of exempting players from training camp practices by two of his assistants, running backs coach Freddie Kitchens and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Because you make other [expletive] work even [expletive] harder. I'm hurt and I'm exhausted just like every f- body in this room, but I ain't taking no f- days off, because I can't be f- great that way. That's got to be the [expletive] attitude and the mentality all the [expletive] time.

OK, those things are interesting, I guess, but what's exciting about this particular Browns team is how much it improved over the offseason. Now they're at more [expletive] risk of getting hurt, because you don't want to [expletive] practice, because you're being a [expletive]. That s-- don't exist. It's contagious, bro. Like it's really f-contagious.

After hearing about Jackson losing his brother and mother, Gordon texts him his condolences along with the promise that he will "see you soon".

You can also watch the full, unedited version here, but obviously be warned there is tons of NSFW-language here.

We're accustomed to talking about him as a guy who hogs up targets but doesn't convert them into much yardage (8.8 yards per catch last year), but what if he was just misplaced and misused with the Dolphins?

Our recommended way to watch Hard Knocks online without cable is by taking advantage of a 7-day free trial of HBO via Amazon Prime. If that's the case, he could end up being a bargain on his contract, which would certainly be a surprise given what we've seen from him earlier in his career.

Once signed up, you can watch Hard Knocks episodes live as they air, or you can watch them on-demand anytime after.

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