When will Khalil Mack return to the Raiders? Teammates are missing him

ESPN Raiders DE Khalil Mack could be a trade candidate

ESPN Raiders DE Khalil Mack could be a trade candidate

As ESPN's Raiders' reporter Paul Gutierrez reports, that means that Oakland may as well consider trading the star.

Which, I believe, means this isn't at the boiling point yet and all logical indications are that the most likely result is that Mack will be in uniform for the Raiders for the season opener against the Rams on Monday night, September 10. "It would depend on how desperate is Oakland to trade Mack, and how desperate they are to get him out of the AFC, because in Detroit, they'd never see him, so that is a big advantage if the Lions are interested".

"Those players on other teams, I guess we're not really supposed to talk about those guys", Gutekunst said. Establishing fair value for him is going to be an extremely hard matter for the Raiders. Mack has been selected to three pro bowls, he has two first team all-pro selections, he was the AP Defensive player of the year in 2016, and was named an all-pro at both defensive end as well as outside linebacker in 2015.

Oakland knows Mack wants insane money, and they simply don't value him that highly.

It is evident that Khalil Mack is worth the cost in draft picks and money that he demands from a talent standpoint, but would it be a fiscally responsible decision for the Packers to acquire him. He is set to make $13,846,000 under the fifth-year option of his rookie deal. They still have an elite quarterback in Derek Carr, and if Khalil Mack would hurry up and get to camp already, they will have one of the two best defensive players in all of football.

For these reasons, I believe that the Packers should enter into serious negotiations with the Raiders if Mack is indeed on the trade block. Needless to say, he's one of the top five edge rushers in the game.

But, apparently Mack wants even more than that.

If both sides are willing to compromise in certain areas I could see the Packers spending one or both of their 2019 first round draft picks in a trade for Mack.

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