New Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video Drops Tomorrow

You're darn tootin we'll be watching

You’re darn tootin’ we’ll be watching

Grand Theft Auto 5 also released its first gameplay footage 2 months prior to release in a "gameplay video" which included a narrator and Red Dead Online tease. It appears that this will take the form of a series of short trailers focusing on different aspects of the game, as was the case with the original Red Dead Redemption.

Back in 2004, Rockstar Games unveiled its first Old West single-player action-adventure game, Red Dead Revolver.

As well as just gawking at the graphics the trailer has plenty of new info and focuses on the giant open world environment and how you can interact with other people. Sure, all the trailers were created using in-engine footage, but they give little hint as to how the game will actually play.

Where can I watch the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer? If you have yet to pick up a copy of the game, there's still time to pre-order the game on Amazon ahead of its release this fall. Are many of you looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2? You'll get to know your fellow gang members as you play, and you'll want to keep morale high by providing resources and building relationships with them. As deepening internal divisions threaten to tear the gang apart, Arthur must make a choice between his own ideals or loyalty to the gang who raised him. The graphics are incredibly well produced, and with a track record as good as Rockstar - players should expect this kind of graphical ability when the game releases.

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