Perseid meteor shower to offer a spectacular show this weekend

12 images acquired Aug. 13 2017 by Felix Zai in Toronto. He wrote “Perseid meteor shower gave a good show … A huge fireball was captured in this

Best meteor shower of the year peaks this weekend

The meteors create a spectacular light show as they burn up in our atmosphere and travel around 37 miles per second so don't blink you might miss it.

NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told that this year's shower should feature 60 to 70 meteors per hour at its peak. Most of the "shooting stars" will be coming in from upper right to lower left. The number of shooting stars will increase daily until August 12, when the meteor shower reaches its peak. Go to the suburbs or the countryside away from the city lights. That's because the moon will be a thin crescent and set earlier, leaving skies much darker than normal.

The peak of the meteor shower will be at around 3.30am on August 13.

Enjoy the show, also if you're out watching the stars look for Mars and Saturn that night. Best viewing time will be after 2 am.

It's best to find a spot where there is little to no artificial light, as this makes viewing more hard because city lights are stronger than faint shooting stars. Bear in mind that between 10pm and 11pm, the meteor shower can be seen by looking slightly more to the north, even though the direction of the meteor shower is still towards the northeast. Give your eyes some time to adjust to the darkness (about 30 minutes) and you should expect to see about 60-70 meteors per hour or about one per minute. Also make sure you check the weather forecast to see whether the sky will be clear or not.

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