Russian helicopter crash in northern Siberia kills 18: Ministry

Yuri Smitiuk  TASS

Yuri Smitiuk TASS

In Russia, the helicopter operator predominantly works with oil and gas companies, transporting people and cargo for clients including Gazprom, Shell and Rosneft.

Eighteen people were killed in a helicopter crash on Saturday in Russia's Krasnoyarsk region, authorities said.

There were 15 passengers and three crew aboard, the airline said.

Fata came to the conclusion that the cause of the accident was the second helicopter: two aircraft of the airline UTair - cargo and passenger - performed the take-off too close to each other.

A helicopter with passengers fell and burned.

According to reports in media, the incident took place when a Mi-8 helicopter collided with the external cargo suspension of another helicopter that took off earlier.

The helicopter's rotors hit meal pipes which being lifted by another Mi-8, say officials from the site.

The helicopter operators in Russian Federation works with oil and gas companies and transport people and cargo for clients like Shell, Gazprom and Rosneft.

"He flew 5,990 hours, 2,300 of which he was the helicopter commander", Utair's statement said.

Accidents involving helicopters and small planes are frequent in Siberia and far eastern Russian Federation, where air transport is commonly used to cover vast distances.

The crash comes four months after another fatal accident involving an Mi-8 in eastern Russian Federation, which killed six people.

All 18 people on board have died in the crash.

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