Congo declares new Ebola outbreak with four confirmed cases in eastern province

The Democratic Republic of Congo has reported a fresh Ebola outbreak in the east of the country

The Democratic Republic of Congo has reported a fresh Ebola outbreak in the east of the country

"As Ebola Virus Disease is endemic in several parts of the country due to the equatorial forest ecosystem, the Ministry of Health has already strengthened its epidemiological surveillance system in all risk areas, including North Kivu", the ministry said in a statement.

Authorities have not yet revealed how many cases have been detected.

DR Congo reported on Wednesday that a new outbreak has killed 20 people in eastern Beni in North Kivu Province.

It may be impossible to use a vaccine to tackle Democratic Republic of Congo's new Ebola outbreak that has caused four confirmed cases, including two health workers, a senior World Health Organisation (WHO) official said on Thursday.

The ministry said there was no evidence linking this outbreak with the last one, which began in April and occurred over 2,500 km (1,553 miles) away.

In addition, 12 Ministry of Health experts including epidemiologists and doctors will travel to Beni with a mobile laboratory and protective equipment from the National Institute of Biomedical Research in Kinshasa.

Government officials said at least 20 people died in nine days after showing symptoms of haemorrhagic fever in and around the village of Mangina. The ministry says four of six samples sent to the capital for analysis came back positive for Ebola.

Rwanda is on a high alert following a fresh outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Ministry of Health noted that therapeutic treatments are still in country from the last outbreak, but the species of this Ebola virus has yet to be determined.

Transmission among humans then typically spreads through close contact with the blood, body fluids, secretions or organs of someone who is sick with Ebola or has recently died.

He says it is crucial to gain access to the area as quickly as possible.He says having people and material in the country from the outbreak in Equateur is very helpful in tackling the outbreak.

The province shares borders with Rwanda and Uganda with a great deal of cross-border movement due to the trade activities, which, World Health Organization warned, could increase the risk of possible spread of the virus.

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