Turkish court rejects extradition of Australian terrorist Neil Prakash

Neil Prakash: Turkish court rejects Australian extradition plea

Turkish court rejects extradition of Australian terrorist Neil Prakash

A judge in southern Turkey has rejected a request to extradite Australia's notorious Neil Prakash, a self-confessed ISIS member, just two months after Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was expected to be extradited to face trial on home soil "within months".

A Turkish court today rejected Australia's request for the extradition of the Australian Islamic State jihadist and recruiter, meaning he could soon be released from jail.

Prakash has been in custody near the border with Syria since 2016 after he attempted to enter Turkey with false documents.

Australian government was shocked when they come to know that Turkish court will not extradite Prakash.

"From my perspective, I'm happy to see him rot in jail in Turkey", Mr Dutton said in Brisbane on Friday.

He's even been linked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to a failed plot to attack the Statue of Liberty in NY; and he's the subject of an Australian arrest warrant for crimes including membership of a terrorist organisation advocating terrorism, providing support to Islamic State and incursions into foreign countries.

"Our goal is to ensure that Neil Prakash is not ever able to practise his evil trade of terrorism ever again", he said. Takes the jihadi name Abu Khaled al-Cambodi and appears in IS propaganda videos.

He was also asked to address the judge at the beginning of the hearing, where he launched into a tirade in a mix of English, Arabic, and Turkish.

"Allah is the legislator, not him", he said. At the end of the hearing he said: "Democracy is not legitimate". After that he blamed conceded Islamic State group dread plots in Australia.

He faces a potential life sentence if convicted in Australia of terrorism offences.

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