Inside Trump's isolated days amid Russian Federation fallout

Russia 'open' to Vladimir Putin visiting Donald Trump at White House

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"We want very much to have a strong Russian Federation because a strong, competent, prosperous, stable Russian Federation is we think in the interest of the world", Clinton can be heard saying in the video.

"Either he doesn't understand it, or perhaps he is being blackmailed by Russia because they may have compromising information about him or perhaps also, you have a president who really does have strong authoritarian tendencies and maybe he admires the kind of government that Putin is running in Russia", Sanders said. Trump didn't realize he would face such challenges, apparently, and wanted to know why Lemire had been called on instead of a reporter who would ask him an easier question.

Mr. Flake and Mr. Coons offered up the non-binding resolution after President Trump stood beside Russian President Vladimir earlier in the week and rejected the findings of USA intelligence regarding Moscow's election tampering.

This was the week when "would" turned into "wouldn't" and "no" meant "yes," as President Donald Trump and his top aides tried to walk back several of his comments on Russian Federation and the Federal Reserve.

Facing intense blowback for siding with Russia, Trump dug in and tweeted that "Fake News" was to blame for mischaracterising the summit.

Just a day earlier, the White House had said the offer was under consideration, even though the State Department called Russia's allegations against the Americans, including former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, "absurd".

Tensions between Russian Federation and the USA have gone into overdrive in recent years.

Trump eventually rejected the idea, with Sanders saying Trump "disagrees with it".

One official, asked if the reaction to Helsinki would be a more organized process, said this is often how the White House operates.

Trump's anger over having to answer Lemire's question - not his failure in attempting to do so - lingered on.

"If we are going to start getting translator's notes, I think we are moving to a precedent that - unless some crime has been committed - is unprecedented and just not appropriate", Corker said on Thursday. Told that Sanders had since clarified, she responded: "There's a walk-back of the walk-back of the walk-back of the walk-back?"

On Thursday, Trump invited Putin to the White House this fall for a second sit-down while cleanup efforts from their first summit were still in full swing. "Tightening now hurts all that we have done", Trump tweeted.

The notion of a $400 million donation to the Democrat's campaign would be out of the question.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said she still has not seen evidence that Moscow tried to help elect Trump.

The watchdog site shows Browder's NY financial partners, Ziff Brothers Investments giving only $17 700 for Clinton's election and less than $300 000 to the Democratic National Committee, as well as smaller amounts to other entities.

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