Death Stranding's E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer Finally Starts To Make Some Sense

E3 2018: Watch the wild new Death Stranding trailer

Death Stranding Gameplay Showcased With 4K Trailer; New Characters Revealed

As we sit here with our jaws on the floor, The Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer has just completely left us in silence staring in awe at Kojima's brilliance.

Following his split from Konami, Hideo Kojima launched his own studio, Kojima Productions, where the company's first game would be a game titled "Death Stranding".

Despite giving us a ton of gameplay footage, there is still the matter of the story, which the trailer doesn't really delve into at all. That doesn't mean it isn't confusing as all hell though. Death Stranding's latest trailer unveiled Sam's family, as well as the impact that an invisible and unsafe creature leaves on time when it comes into contact with other people and objects. "As you know, Léa is a world class actress from France".

In the trailer Sam tells Seydoux's character that his job is to "make deliveries", but for the most part, he is seen swimming across rivers, climbing mountains, and walking through devastated buildings.

The video game will reportedly center on a character named Sam Bridges who is forced to navigate a world completely transformed by a mysterious phenomenon known as the Death Stranding. In Kojima-san's 2017 presentation at the Game Awards, we even got a little Easter egg of Guillermo del Toro, a former collaborator. Hideo Kojima wrote in his blog that the newest trailer shows a lot more of the actual gameplay, provides some answers, as well as gives "a chance to discover new mysteries".

Death itself will reportedly play a key role in the gameplay of Death Stranding.

Death Stranding still has no release date but will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 whenever it launches.

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